DPF EGR Lambda how to remove – off – disable

DPF EGR LAMBDA as Disable Arla 32 and Adblue - Download files here - Volvo VW Man Dacia Volvo Scania Ford Diesel Truck Truck Electronic Injection Download diesel remapping files here.
Injection light on.

With the advance of the technology used in cars manufactured today, it was possible to optimize fuel consumption, and also decrease the emission of hydrocarbons.

But with all this embedded technology, technical problems that are difficult to solve have also emerged, at least inexpensively.   Failures in diesel, light, ride or heavy vehicle emission control systems require specialized labor, original parts and all this can be very expensive.

The repaired files can be made by an engineer or you can use a software editing tool and repairs / deactivation of the systems DPF, LAMBDA, ARLA, ADBLUE, EGR.

I will make available below a suite of applications and files to Remove DPF, EGR, Lambda Probe 2, Arla32 , Adblue, and EGR.

You can download the files to Delete DPF, Lambda, EGR and lambda probe here.

Click here to Download – Download

When a vehicle fails the System of DPF , EGR , LAMBDA PROBE or ARLA 32 / ADBLUE , warning lights light up on the panel, information about failures in the emission systems are reported on on-board computers, and with all this the most inconvenient happens:

Disable DPF AMAROK TDI - DOWNLOAD -DPF light on panel. DPF OFF FILES DOWNLOAD FREE. EGR OFF FILES, LAMBDA OFF FILES FREE. Download Diesel Central remapping files here.
DPF light on panel.
  • Fault light or electronic injection anomaly is constantly lit;
  • The engine power of the vehicle or truck is reduced by up to 40%;
  • Engine Rotation can be limited to 2,000 or 3,000 rpm.
ARLA light 32 on. Disable Arla 32 and Ad Blue - Download Here - ARLA32 OFF - ADBLUE OFF - DISABLE ADBLUE - DISABLE ARLA 32
ARLA light 32 on.

In some cases the exchange of a catalyst for a truck or the exchange of the DPF filter / repair in the discharge system of ARLA 32, can cost the trifle of 24,000 reais in a specialized dealership.

And then there’s that old problem that haunts vehicles with more than 10 years of manufacturing:

  • Lack of spare parts on the market,
  • Multiple failures in electronic systems that make it impossible to repair the vehicle because they represent 50% of the cost of its total value.

However, there is still an inexpensive solution to problems related to malfunctions in the DPF Particulate Filter, EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve, and Lambda Probe after Catalyst, and ADBLUE or ARLA32:

Reset and Reprogramming of airbag and electric steering.
Reprogramming of the diesel engine control unit.

Reprogramming the injection module can be an affordable outlet to solve problems in the operation of the emission control systems mentioned above.

In general, reprogramming can be done with the help of specific programmer equipment such as K-Tag or KessV2.  But only owning the equipment is not enough, and it is also necessary to have previously repaired files to record in the vehicle/truck injection modules.

ECU reprogramming equipment
Reprogramming equipment.

The files made available here for download are for professional use, and allow you to disable or repair vehicles, Audi, VW, Ford, Fiat, Iveco, Volvo, Scania, Daf, Renault, Man and many others. The password to unpack the files is present in the file name just read carefully.

To program plants you will need a Serial Programmer: Build your own Automotive Power Plant Programmer, FlashOBD. 

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