Xbox 360 slim and super slim: Definitive solution to failure 0033 – red light

Xbox Slim with instant red light after turning on: Easy solution!

In today’s article I will help solve an intriguing defect that is occurring on most xbox 360 consoles, slim model and super slim. I myself have an xbox slim, and I was the victim of the fault and as the warranty of the console had already finished I took it to a technical assistance, and i was told that it was a recurring defect, and that I would spend 250 reais to fix it without any guarantee. I was disappointed with what the technician said and then I decided to bring the console back home and I even try to solve the problem using simple tools and basic knowledge that I have in electronics.

xbox slim red light error
Xbox 360 slim with error: a red light on.

If you are also in the same situation and want to solve the problem of your console to be able to enjoy it for some time, then stay tuned in the following tips!

First of all I will report in detail what was happening and I will explain how to recover the fault code through the diagnostic system embedded in the xbox.

There was a long time that we had the console at home, and it had never given any problem and it was on a day like any other that I tried to turn it back on and it turned on and then hung up suddenly getting just a red light in the center of the touch screen button that serves to turn on the device.  Even after several procedures of trying to connect the console, such as checking cables, power supply operation, power supply change, exchange of the RCA cable, the console no longer turned on, always with the red light on.

So I decided to do the failover code recovery procedure that they teach on the microsoft website which is as follows:

Turn on Xbox 360, wait until the console turns off by itself and the Red light in question turns on, then press the sync button (which is next to the front USB ports) and the mute disc button at the same time quickly and then take your finger off.

Press Eject + Sync to retrieve the fault code.
To recover the fault code of your xbox slim or super sim press at the same time Eject + Sync.

The lights will turn on and on to represent the digits that represent the fault code, you will need to repeat the process of pressing the eject+sync button 4 times to have full fault code!

  • 1 green led (light) flashing or on = Represents Number 1
  • 2 green LEDs flashing or on = Represent Number 2
  • 3 green LEDs flashing or on = Represent Number 3
  • 4 green LEDs flashing or on = Represent Number 4

In my case the resulting error code I got was: 0033

That is: On the first attempt to press Eject+Sync I got: 4 green lights on,

In the second tentative I got: 4 green lights on,

On the third attempt I got: 3 green lights on,

On the fourth and final attempt I got: 3 green lights on.

Thus generating the fault code: 0033

After a short search on some internet forum scans I found that it is a defect related to the electrolytic capacitors of the board, which over time has its properties altered, causing the +1.1 volt power line of the board to become inoperative. Thus generating the defect to turn off immediately after trying to turn on the console and keep the center light on in red color.

After getting information about the problem I created courage and disassembled the console carefully, to make a visual evaluation, and also some tests with the use of a multimeter and a capacimeter.

Xbox Slim Error 0033 : Capacitors 2.5 volts 821 uf
The solution was to change the capacitors of 2.5 volts and 821 uf, which exist around the Xbox processor.

After the complete disassembly of the console, it was not very difficult to find the defect after the visual inspection, I noticed that around the xbox processor there are a series of capacitors, with specification 2.5 volts and 821 microfarads (μF), I realized then that they were mostly stewed, (chubby) including one that is close to the usb ports of the console. So I decided to test them with the capacimeter, on the proper scale, and I ended up finding that of 10 capacitors 5 were presenting capacitance very out of the expected which was no surprise, because capacitor stewed without a shadow of a doubt is a sign that it is no longer working as expected.

Xbox 360 defective capacitors
The capacitors that must be replaced are those that are around the xbox 360 processor.

Then I decided to take a walk in the city where I live to try to find the capacitors in the correct specification to effect the exchange, moral of the story: I did not find! I ended up finding on the site and made the purchase of them.  I waited for the delivery of the post office and as soon as they arrived I desoled the old ones from the board, and i resoled the new ones and to my surprise when trying to connect the console the problem off soluionado once and for all, and even now after seven months the console continues to work perfectly.

Budget given by the assistance was: ” 250 Reais ” Without Guarantee.

I spent what I had:

1 60 watt soldering iron: 35 reais

1 Welding sucker: 17 reais

1 welding wire tube + 1 flow: 28 Reais

1 Torkx Key Set: 17 Reais

1 Package with 10 capacitors 2.5volts 821μF+Freight: 18 Reais

Total: 115 Reais

Learning: Priceless!

If you have any questions, or if you want to leave a suggestion, use the comments form below!  See you next time!

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