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Unlock for free the radio of your car, unlock, unlock, password, radio code.

Most cars manufactured in Brazil, which come out with original factory radio have some ANTI FURT0 solution. That consists of locking the device with a code or password.  But in some cases where the owner buys the semi new or used car and does not know what the code, or the previous owner of the vehicle ended up losing or simply no longer has the vehicle instruction manual where all the information about the stereo – radio. Some companies and professionals can recover the code or password of the radio device, but for this they can charge amounts that may be more expensive than the stereo, which ends up making the procedure unfeasible.

But stay calm! There’s still hope!

For this there are still two Free solutions that can make your stereo work normally again!

unlock radio ford visteon free app download unlock radio ford visteon free app download

Solution number 1:

Discover the radio code using software that calculates the code based on information contained in the label that exists behind the stereo!    To have access to the label just pull/remove the stereo carefully, carefully undocking it from the dashboard frame of your car!

You just need to download the code recovery application package for automotive stereos, open it on your computer with windows operating system and then insert the serial number digits of your car’s sound into the software.

unlock radio vw fox gol voyage saveiro volkswagen code safe 1 safe 2 app download.

You can download the apps here:

Click here to Download/Download

The updated Calculator Package (2019) includes:

  • Audi Calculator – Volkswagen
  • Calculators for VW Alfa, Beta, Famar, Gamma, Premium, RCD, Technisat, Delta
  • Honda Calculator
  • Fiat Visteon Calculator
  • Becker Appliances Calculator 
  • Calculator for Blaupunkt Devices
  • Visteon Ford Appliance Calculator
  • CalcGen Calculator ( Meets various manufacturers )
  • CRUCC2 Calculator ( Also caters to various manufacturers )
  • Clarion appliance calculator
  • Daewoo Calculator
  • Calculator for FORD series V devices
  • Calculator for FORD, M, A, C and L series devices
  • Grunding Calculator
  • Hyundai Calculator
  • Calculator for Mercedez Benz Alpine
  • Calculator for Philips devices
  • Calculator for Volvo
  • Calculator for Chrisler
  • Bosch Calculator
  • BMW Calculator
  • Nissan Calculator
  • Mercedez Benz Calculator
  • Alpine Calculator, Kenwood, JVC
  • Peugeot Citroen Calculators,
  • Renault Calculators

Solution number 2 (Advanced):

In many modern devices it is still not possible to unlock using the code calculators based on the serial number of the device, so if you are an enthusiast or understand something of electronics you can use the software that recovers the code from the EEPROM electronic memory that exists inside the radio!  All you have to do is have an eeprom programmer, and technical knowledge to remove the memory from the radio and insert into the programmer, read the data contained in the memory and so insert into the recovery software to then get the correct code!

Software that retrieves radio code through eeprom memory can be found here:

Click here to Download/Download

In order for you to be able to access the data from an eeprom memory you need a memory programmer, there are many on the market.  however the upa programmer is the most recommended for such a service for its simplicity and low cost.

With the upa programmer in hand you just need to desolder the eeprom memory of the board and insert it into your adapter to read memories, or make the connection of the programmer wires in the circuit without having to remove any chip!

For Smartphones with Android system:

You can also download Code Calculators to Discover code and Unlock Radios using your Android smartphone:

Download Radio Code Calculators for Android:

Click here to start downloading – Download

The password to unpack/extract the files is! Success!!

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