Unlock Ktag Clone Blocked by internet – Unlock Ktag – Unbrick Ktag

In this article I bring you a mini tutorial on how to unlock the ktag automotive programming interface that was blocked by an unsuccessful update after an internet connection.

Usually the symptoms are as follows:

  • Ksuite screen with grayed-out protocols – you can’t click anything,
  • When trying to verify information about the interface it does not display the serial number.
Unlock unlock ktag blocked by ksuite internet - unlock ktag blocked by internet
When the interface is locked – bricked it is not possible to access the protocols as in the image above. turn gray. ( Internet image source )

To recover the functionality of your interface you must download a set of unlock files for your ktag and also an alternative version of ksuite thus making it possible to unlock the interface.

Click here to Download – Download

The file set contains files for the Ktag SD card, a backup of the ft232 chip that exists inside the ktag card, and also the nxp processor rom with reset that must be written with the JLink interface that can be found on aliexpress.

ktag blocked by internet - how to unlock - how to unlock - how to unlock
You should consider that your ktag is locked if: show 0000 in customer code and group code. Image source: internet

In the vast majority of cases to unlock / unlock the ktag just copy the set of files that are available in the external link provided above, to the Memory Card SD card of the ktag and insert the card back into the ktag, uninstall the ksuite from the pc and install the recommended version.

Your SD card should be formatted before anything, be sure to seal to fat32 format.

And you’ll be unlocking the interface again. But there can always be cases where you will need to write NXP firmware again using JLink, remembering that this procedure also resets tokens, from old interfaces that had limited number of tokens.

We do not host ktag files, we have no responsibility for files or procedures and we do not guarantee or ensure anything about Chinese interfaces.  (Do it at your own risk).  Any and all material related to ktag or its brands are copied from the internet from other websites so we are not responsible for anything relating to these products.

The password to extract is umgenio.com.br

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Bonus: How to fix ktag error 0x100B

To repair ktag error 0x100B you should check the following items:

    • Check the power voltage of the source you are using to power the ktag, usually the sources you see with the interface are bad, and it is advisable to switch to an adjustable bench supply. the voltage should be at least 13 volts, preferably 14 volts.
    • check the connections of the cable you are using to program. some cables may eventually come with pins exchanged inside, because they have been assembled by some colorblind Chinese.

correct ktag cable colors

  • Finally, some KESS and KTAG interfaces came with a serious defect that was nothing more than a faulty K-line communication chip and must be exchanged.  the chip is the ci soic8 with Id ST L9613 must be replaced by the ST L9637D to end the error 0x100b.
  • Ktag Kess error 0x100b how to repair
    Chip to be exchanged on Ktag or Kess with error 0x100b.  after changing the component the ktag returns to normal operation.

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