Solution to recover dvd, cd players, who no longer read discs…

In today’s article I will leave a mega tip, for the curious on duty and for the hobbyists who as well as the administrator of this website like to disassemble and fix things. 😉
Pranks the tip part is cool for you who owns a DVD player, CD player, cd or mp3 automotive disc player, mini system, computer DVD drive, PC CD drive, playstation, xbox 360, or any other laser disc player device that is no longer fulfilling its role of reading even new or original discs.

Disk read error
Resolve error in reading the disk.

Resolve error in reading the CD disc.

First of all I want to make it clear that I am not responsible for the bad results of the procedures taught here, and that there is no use crying if the tips did not work.
The procedure shown here will only work if the problem of the reader you are trying to recover is caused by dust inside, dirt, pollen.


Note that there is a glass or acrylic part of the laser reader, and this must be fully transparent free of any kind of dirt or contamination.
If it is yellowish, this may be a sign that there is dust inside your prism and to clean it follow the tips of the little tutorial we prepared just below!

Disk read error
Resolve problems with errors in reading the disk. Playstation 2

Honestly I only recommend running the following tips if you have nothing more to lose, you know?
If it doesn’t make a difference to you whether the device you’re trying to fix will work or not.
Now it is logical that you do not open your dear xbox one or playstation 4 to do this because it does not read discs right or is presenting some error… Don’t do it, don’t do it!
If you want your device to work like new, look for a professional again and ask for help!

Let’s get to the point!
The first step is to check if the reader is burned, or if the problem is just dirt even.
You must protect your eyes from the laser beam that the reader emits, watch out!
The first step is to check if the player is performing your routine normally, with the device you want to fix open, make sure that when trying to read a disc the laser illuminates the face of the disc for a brief moment and a turn on the disc or at least a ” geek “.


If the answer is yes! So you have a good chance of being able to perform the repair.
Get to work! disassemble the reading drive carefully and carefully so as not to break any wires or one of those flat cables… Those tapes that go connected in some parts of the optical unit.

Avoid touching the parts where there are electrical contacts in the parts, including the player.
Your fingers may be loaded with static, and needless to say what will happen if a static discharge happens on a part of your electronic device, does it? IT’S GOING TO BURN!

After disassembling everything remove only the laser as in the photo below:


Take a clean glass or container, and put filtered water inside until it is full.
It works more well with a glass anyway, because then you will be able to swing to stir the liquid.
Then mix a good amount of NEUTRAL liquid detergent.

Well, mix the liquid detergent well with the water until very foamy and put the sauce reader there. immerse it at least a few hours, from time to time give a stir in the liquid to clean the laser from the inside. Preferably soak at least overnight.
The next day, drain the solution with neutral detergent and rinse the optical reader thoroughly until you notice that there is no more soap or apparent foam.

Washing DVD drive
Washing DVD drive

Let it dry in the sun for a few hours and then just ride with the same care you had to disassemble and voila ! I’m sure your player will go back to reading discs without major problems.

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