Did you lose the original radio code for your car? The solution is here!

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Did you lose or forgot your radio code? Check out the solution below:

Contrary to what one might imagine, losing the original radio code or factory sound system of a car can be a fairly common inconvenience and even easy to happen.

Many people end up going through a similar situation only after needing to change the car battery, or simply by needing to remove the battery in a workshop to do some repair in the car, and often cars bought in resale agencies, do not see with manual or that small folder with the specifications of the car and information about the equipment. Then the mess is made.

If you do not know the car radio code you will probably have to resort to the service of an authorized dealership, and the game can come out very salty … “I even know a person who to recover a simple code of the stereo from an imported volkswagen spent the amount not a little abusive of 500 reais.” I mean, i.e. When they can give a solution other than to change the entire sound equipment.

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In most cases you can not try more than three times, or the device is permanently locked.

More to the joy of those who lost or simply do not know the original radio code and want to unlock without losing anything from the originality of their automobile, bepute i will show some possible solutions to the problem!

Solution (Free):

You can try using a code calculator specific to your stereo model!

I made a small package for Download that brings together some radio code calculators from the major automakers!

Click here to Download – Download

The following code calculators are in the package (Updated on May 9, 2019):

  • Audi Calculator – Volkswagen Safe 1000
  • Calculators for VW Alfa, Beta, Famar, Gamma, Premium, RCD, Technisat, Delta
  • Calculator for Chrisler
  • Bosch Calculator
  • BMW Calculator
  • Nissan Calculator
  • Mercedez Benz Calculator
  • Alpine Calculator, Kenwood, JVC
  • Honda Calculator
  • Fiat Calculator
  • Calculor Fiat Visteon – Palio Strada Adventure Weekend – Stilo – Idea – Doblo
    • Also makes Radios with M-Code Fiat
  • Becker Appliances Calculator 
  • Calculator for Blaupunkt Devices
  • Visteon Ford appliance calculator – Ecosport – Ka – Ranger – Fiesta – Focus
  • CalcGen Calculator ( Meets various manufacturers )
  • CRUCC2 Calculator ( Also caters to various manufacturers )
  • Clarion appliance calculator
  • Daewoo Calculator
  • Calculator for FORD series V devices
  • Calculator for FORD, M, A, C and L series devices
  • Grunding Calculator
  • Hyundai Calculator
  • Calculator for Mercedez Benz Alpine
  • Calculator for Philips devices
  • Calculator for Renault Megane – Scenic – Clio – Duster – Sandero
  • Calculator for Volvo
  • Peugeot Radio Calculator – Citroen – 207 – c3 – 206 – Aircross
  • VW Gol Golf Fox SpaceFox UP Saveiro Voyage Radio Calculator
  • Gm Meriva Corsa Montana Radio Calculator 
  • Radio Calculator Chevrolet Zafira Vectra Agile Celta Onix S – 10 pickup

Second Solution (Advanced):

In many modern devices it is still not possible to unlock using calculators / code generators based on the serial number of the device, so if you are an enthusiast or understand something of electronics you can use the software that recover sit the code from the EEPROM electronic memory that exists inside the radio!  All you have to do is have an eeprom programmer, and technical knowledge to remove the memory from the radio and insert into the programmer, read the data contained in the memory and so insert into the recovery software to then get the correct code!

Software that retrieves radio code through eeprom memory can be found here:

Click here to Download/Download

In order for you to be able to access the data from an eeprom memory you need a memory programmer, there are many on the market.  however the upa programmer is the most recommended for such a service for its simplicity and low cost.

Automotive Radio Unlock using eeprom programmer.
UPA Programmer Board

With the upa programmer in hand you just need to desolder the eeprom memory of the board and insert it into your adapter to read memories, or make the connection of the programmer wires in the circuit without having to remove any chip!

The password to unpack is umgenio.com.br

For Android Smartphones:

You can also discover the Radio code and Unlock using Android apps!

To access the unlock apps use the link below:

Click here to start downloading – Download Radio Code Calculators for Android

If you are unable to use the code calculators, are in any doubt or need help finding a solution for unlocking a particular device please contact us via the comments form below!

Update 10/05/2020: Added Calculators for Fiat Vehicles, Palio 1.8R, Strada Adventure Locker, Palio Weekend, Doblo Adventure, Idea, Siena 1.8, and Stilo.

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