Homemade Oscilloscope: Assemble yours!


In today’s article I will bring you a hint of assembly of a simple equipment that already circulates for a long time on the internet and that is very useful to professionals working with automotive repair, Electricians, Auto electricians, electronics repairs, stereos, TVs, smartphones, electrical equipment, appliances and more!

For the oscilloscope to work you will need the software that simulates a real equipment, you can download the files here below.

Click here to Download – Download



It is a small amateur oscilloscope that works connected to the sound port of a computer or notebook, and has easy and intuitive interface.

Homemade osciloscopio connected to sound card
Simple and intuitive oscilospio interface. Credits: Christian Zeitnitz

For oscilloscope construction you will need some tools and materials that can be easily found, the list of what will be needed is as follows:

  • 4 Long wires – I recommend 2 meters each wire;
  • P2 sound connector for connection to pc audio input port;
  • 2 Test point pairs for Multimeter ( To weld at the end and use as an oscilloscope probe);
  • 2 Resistors of 20 ohms;
  • 4 Resistors of 10 Kohms;
  • Soldering Iron 40 watts or more;
  • Welding and paste for welding;
  • Retractable term spaghetti;
  • A computer running Windows XP or higher – or Linux – or Mobile/ Android Tablet
  • A USB Audio Adapter – If you want to use it on your PC.

All you will need to do is assemble the system as shown in the illustration below:

Osciloscopio homemade for Pc or Android - Audio cable
Homemade Osciloscopio for Pc or Android – Click on the image for Zoom

Resistors act as a line filter to support voltages of up to 250 volts without damaging your computer’s audio card.  Never connect the audio port cables to a power source without the resistors.  Just in case, so you don’t damage your computer’s sound card with your experiences, I recommend that you buy a USB audio adapter or a digital USB audio card of at least 2 channels so you don’t run the risk of damaging your PC.

Supported operating systems:

  • Windows XP;
  • Windows 7;
  • Windows Vista;
  • Windows 10 and 8
  • Linux Ubuntu 16 or higher;
  • Debian Linus;
  • Android 2.3 or higher.
osciloscopio connected to audio port of pc soundcard scope
Use the Audio-in or Input-in Blue port to connect the cable.

The oscilloscope can also be used on Android smartphones, tablets and mobile devices with audio port P2 headset, the only care you should take is to make a special cable because in smartphones the input to audio is different on the P2 cable.  I recommend that you disassemble an old headset, and do an inspection and connect the resistors to the headset microphone line, so it will work properly.  Don’t forget to use 2 20 ohm resistors and 2 of 10 kohms in series on each cable wire to protect your device from high voltages.

Oscilloscope connected to Android Tablet
Oscilloscope connected to Android device.

Together download link you can find the oscilloscope app for Android, and also the download links as well, the program for Windows and also for Linux.

The password to extract the files is umgenio.com.br

I hope the article has been helpful to you! If there are still any questions about how to mount the cable, or have any suggestions, or if you are encountering problems to use the system, use the comments photo below to talk to us.

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