How to Mirror Mobile phone Screen on your Computer

How to mirror, cell phone on computer. Mirror and stream videos, series, movies and games.
Siphone as you mirror cell phone images on your computer screen.

In today’s article I will show you, how to mirror the screen of your android smartphone, directly on the screen of your computer or notebook with windows 7 or versions that does not support embedded mirroring, either by incompatibility of the network adapter or by using an old version of windows.


  • Wifi Network – Both devices must be connected to the same network.
  • Windows 7 64-bit computer + Wifi adapter
  • Smartphone with Android 4.4 operating system or higher
  • Mirroring server software that you can download below.

With the tool available here, you can mirror – mirroring using the main existing protocols that are:

  • Google Cast, New Year
  • Airplay
  • Miracast, New

To mirror the mobile screen, on the screen of a computer you will need to download the server app Google Cast, Miracast and Airplay:

Click here to Download – Download

Mirroring lets you transmit real-time images, and sounds from your smartphone screen to the screen of other devices. Most new generation SmartTV’s support receiving images through protocols like MiraCast and Google Cast.

But on computers there are still several limitations that prevent or at least make it difficult.  With the tools available here for Download, you will be able to transmit and watch content from your mobile phone directly to your computer or notebook without difficulties, with full control in your hands.

Transmit android mobile image to computer - mirroring - mirror link - google cast - Chrome cast - Airplay - Miracast
Enabling streaming and mirroring in windows, even in non-supported versions, such as Windows 7, is now possible. and easy!

And there’s more! You in addition to transmitting videos, images, movies and series to your computer screen, you can also stream and record gameplay, games and more!

After downloading the miracast server, Gooogle Cast, AirPlay, then you will need to:

Install the application on your Windows computer by following the instructions contained in the package. After the installation is over it is advisable to restart the computer, and so reconnect it open the application directly from the desktop icon.

Connect the computer and the smartphone to which will transmit the images (on the same wireless network), with the two connected on the same network, then open the option of your smartphone that gives you access to the transmission of the screen to other devices.  Option to stream, or Mirroring, Smartview.

Transmit android screen to computer. Android 4.4
Transmit android screen to computer. Android 4.4
Samsung SmarView is the option for samsung's recent handsets to mirror the smartphone on other devices and vice versa.
Samsung SmarView is the option for samsung’s recent handsets to mirror the smartphone on other devices and vice versa.


On devices with android closer to AOSP it is possible to access the broadcast menu via the quick link: Transmit;
On devices with android closer to AOSP you can access the broadcast or mirroring menu via the quick link: Transmit.

Ai just connect to the computer when it appears in the list of devices, confirm in the prompt of the application that wants to transmit the images from your smartphone to the computer. and voila, it’s done!

Attention the application is password protected.  To extract use the password:

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