How to Create Certified JKS and Subscribe to Android Apps

Welcome visitors! In today’s article I bring you a tool to make life easier for those who need to create a digital certificate to sign an app with android, but do not want to use Android Studio for this and need a simpler and smaller solution.

I present to you the solution:

Apk Signer GUI + JKS keystore generator

You can download jks keystore certificate generator and tool to sign android apps at the link below:

Click here to Download – Download



With these tools you can generate your digital certificate to sign android applications, complete and safely, without errors, and can also sign an application already compiled and align to the jar.

step by step how to create jks keystore certificate and subscribe to an android app.
Step by step how to create jks keystore certificate and subscribe to an android app. ( Click on the image to zoom).
  1. Point the path to your PC’s Java Bin folder;
  2. Set the certificate password (your personal password);
  3. Set your nickname ( Alias to authenticate yourself );
  4. Set your Alias Password or Nickname;
  5. Set your name (important to put legitimate data to those who publish apks on the Google Play Store);
  6. Select the validity of the 25-year certificate;
  7. Put your first and last name;
  8. Enter the name of your organization or company responsible for writing the APk;
  9. Select the state where you are located;
  10. Confirm your certificate password you set;
  11. Also confirm Alias’s password or Nickname password;
  12. Enter the area of activity or focus of your organization;
  13. Put your city;
  14. And the country code put 55 representing Brazil.
  15. Under save as, select where you want to save a copy of your certificate for later use.
  16. After entering all the information correctly click on generate keyfile to generate the keystore certificate!

If you use the website2apk builder to create applications, do as in the image below to import the certificate generated by you into it, and thus sign with your keystore certificate.

Create keystore certificate and subscribe apps for Android.
How to import the certificate into the website2apk builder. (Click on the photo to zoom).

To work with keystore certificates you need to have java JDK version 1.8.0 installed on your computer !  You can download Java from this link.

The password to extract the files is 1234!

Well, we hope to have helped you users of the site in some way, in case of questions or if you need help use the comments field below to talk to us!

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