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Hello visitor!  In today’s article I will leave you a mega package with a complete course of remapping of plants, chip tuning, power chip, editing ecu data, removal of dpf, egr and DTC codes, totally for free! (For you who are subscribers and readers of the site).

But what is remapping – reprogramming of central (chip tuning) ?

The remapping is nothing more than optimizing the power of combustion vehicle engines by editing parameters of the electronic fuel injection system, so you in addition to gaining power also saves fuel, because the car gets smarter so you don’t have to step so far on the accelerator to get quick responses from the engine.

The Remapping Service is a strong trend these days, and working with remap service can be a nice differentiator for your mechanical workshop or Auto Center.

course remap chip power dpf egr gratis download
Power map of an open vehicle in the program

After all, with notions of remapping you will also be able to activate and disable advanced electronic injection functions of vehicles, tractors, speedboats, motorcycles, trucks, trucks, cars, and any combustion engine machine managed by electronic injection systems.

With remapping notions you can:

  • Disable immobilizer or set up,
  • Turn off catalyst detection,
  • Deactivate the DPF filter and Valvula EGR of diesel engines,
  • Turn off Lambda Probe,
  • Disable malfunction errors that reduce vehicle power,
  • Turn off the maximum speed limit,
  • Turn off and enable functions such as cold start or Flexible System,
  • Disable or enable advanced ECU services, and Configure,
  • Turn off DPF Light,
  • Turn off EGR Light,
  • Erase Fault light emission system,
  • Erase anti-pollution anomaly warnings,
  • And a multitude more things!

In the course we are making available here you will learn how to handle the titanium ECM and the ECM2000 which are sophisticated software and that serve a wide range of domestic and imported vehicles.

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