EOBD Galetto 1260 Programmer, Download schematic + Software

Hello Visitors, In today’s article brought a novelty that will help you who is technical in the repair of automotive plants, Tuning Boy, Or even Enthusiast to save a good money with programming equipment of ECU plants: The programmer FlashOBD.

For the programmer to work you need the software that enables the interface on the computer and will also need the usb drivers and the first programming procedure of the FT232 chip and serial recording for everything to work in order.  You can download from the link below:

Click here to Download – Download



With FlashOBD programmer you can do:

  • Central Reset making them ready for use in a vehicle,
  • Decode the immobilizer system, make immo off, disable immobilizer, and make it possible to start without it,
  • Pull Pin Code, and Chassis Number and reprogram functions such as Air Conditioning,
  • Pull maps to reprogram the vehicle to Rotate with Ethanol or CNG,
  • Make changes to Programming and Disable DPF, Lambda Probe, and EGR,
  • Clone ECU Plants,
  • And the most Wanted: Do Power Remapping – “Chipar”, as well as remove speed and torque limits, extracting 100% power from the vehicle engine.

The FlashOBD programmer serves a wide list of imported and domestic vehicles and allows programming of flash memory and MPC processor, as well as the eeprom of the module. In other words, he is a complete programmer and is essential to those who work both as a keychain, and do immobilizer services, as well as those who work with repair of automotive plants.

The programmer is stable and its circuit is easy to construct, and works with bench programming via k communication line, using the Bootstrap procedure that is nothing more than the connection of a particular ECU pin to a resistor and grounding / GND or directly the Mass of the ECU.

Boot mode for programming the central palio fire 1.3 16v fiat reprogramming of plants , remapping, immobilizer, immo off, decode, reset, move to alcohol, power increase, chip, power chip, chip tuning
Boot mode for palio fire 1.3 16v fiat central programming

In the image above it is possible to observe a beautiful example of how to put a plant in Bootstrap mode, that is, ready to be programmed, connecting the pin 20 to the GND that is nothing more than the grounding of the central.   Remembering that for each ECU is a different procedure, and that should be done with caution, and preferably outside the vehicle, on the bench, because the poor power supply of the Plant , or power outage during the programming process can “kill” the centralin and make it irreparable.

There are hundreds of vehicles supported by FlashOBD and you check the full list by clicking here;

Full list of supported vehicles. VEHICLES SUPPORTED

The assembly of the programming interface requires a little knowledge in electronics and also skills with welding of electronics and specific tools, the assembly diagram is simple and can be done with parts found in any electronics store.

See the full diagram: ( To zoom just click on the image ).

Programmer Galletto FlashOBD
OBD Flash Programmer assembly diagram.

The list of electronic components you will need is:

  • 1 CI FT232RL,
  • 1 CI ST L9637D,
  • 1 RESISTOR SMD 560K,
  • 4 RESISTOrS SMD 270R,
  • 1 RESITOR SMD 10K,
  • 3 CAPACITOrS SMD 0.1 mkf,
  • 1 SMD INDUCTOR (COIL) 6.8 uH,

Tools you will need:

  • Welding iron 40W,
  • Welding wire and paste for welding quality,
  • Welding sucker,
  • Tweezers and a small magnifying glass will also help you a lot.

Note that in the interface there is a jumper of two positions, in one you can select VW and in the other GM, ie in the VW position it becomes a programmer Galletto or FlashOBD and in the other becomes FlashGM.

The right pins are: 12v, gnd, vacant pin and the last is the K-line pin and must be connected to the K line of the injection module for communication.

While the right pins are from the USB port, Gnd, Rx/Tx, and 5v proviniente of the USB port. Also note that the interface has 3 LeDs, two indicate power and activity of USB communication and another shows activity of the K line.

Next to the package of files available here you will find the procedure of activation and writing of the serial on the FT232 chip, which is essential to make the chip work with the software that will be your assistant in the programming of the injection modules.  Follow the instructions carefully and if you have any questions leave a comment for us here!

Because it is a K-Line programmer, the interface can also be used as a generic scanner with the correct tools.  ISO9141 is the main supported protocol as well as the VAGCOM, and KKL interfaces.  then you can diagnose hundreds of domestic and imported vehicle electronic injection systems just by connecting an OBD ISO connector at the right end of the programmer.

OBD2 connector pinout

You will connect the programmer pin K to the vehicle diagnostic port connector pin 7, programmer 12v on pin 16, and gnd grounding of the interface to pins 4 and 5.

The software that makes the interface work as a scanner you can download here:

Click here to Download – Download

Remembering that to use the interface as a scanner, it is necessary to direct the port “with” where it is installed within the scanning program, connect the vehicle key connect the interface to the vehicle’s communication port and click connect.

FlashOBD mounted and tested.
FlashOBD mounted and tested.

Did you like the article?  Are there any questions or suggestions to the project? Be sure to comment on the comments form below ! And see you later!

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