Solution to the xbox 360 dirty disk error.

If you own an Xbox 360, fat, slim or super slim model (unlocked or not) you were reading DVD’s games perfectly, and suddenly began to present the following reading errors at the beginning of the game or in the middle of the game:

The Disc could not be read. Wipe it with a soft cloth and restart the console.
  • ” The Disk could not be read. Wipe it with a soft cloth and restart the console “
  • “Error Clean the disc “
  • ” Unable to read the disc “
  • ” Unable to read the disc “
  • ” Clean the Disc “
  • ” Dirty disk error “
  • ” Clean the disc and restart the console “
  • “Alert! The Game was restarted Due to technical problems with the storage device where the game data was installed.”

If you’ve done everything and couldn’t solve the problem, I’ll show you the ultimate solution to this damn mistake that leaves anyone wanting to play the xbox 360 through the tenth floor window.

Attention! Before proceeding, I would like to make it clear that we in the umgê, we are not responsible for damages caused by the procedures below, do at your own risk. To succeed in repairing your console follow any instructions to the letter or…    Stop here.

After several attempts to make consoles return to read discs normally, we find out what the real villain of the story is: It is the optical reading unit, or the well-known ” laser ” reader “, ” cannon ” that for some reason stops working correctly! And even if the console is new, and has few hours of use, there is no escape! The defect can happen.   Maybe because of premature fatigue of the reader components, I don’t know…  Perhaps some experienced technician with these problems can give a more concrete opinion.

More with our experience we also find that even after replacing the reader with a new one, the problem persists, making the whole story even more confusing.  So we decided it was time to try something new, even if it was risky and decided to adjust the power of the laser beam of the reader, through the trimpots that exist on his board and to our surprise the procedure worked! And the consoles on which we did this are already running for more than six months without any problem.  In other words, the defect has been completely sanado!

More now enough talk and let’s get to work!

In some cases it is not necessary to adjust any or change any component, just disassemble the reading unit, and clean the lens face with a damp swab with isopropyl alcohol.


If you want to remedy the problem immediately without adjusting anything, buy a new laser and replace yours, and it will save time and hassles, more if you are curious and want to try to fix yours, follow the tips below:

If you’re in the mood to make adjustments to your console, take note that you’ll need to disassemble it completely! So if your console is still under warranty don’t even think about doing so because it will be lost in the act.  ( If the video game is under warranty the best thing to do is send it assistance or ask for the exchange for a new one).  Note: To make adjustments safely it is necessary to use a multimeter with resistance scale in ohms.  More it is also possible to adjust without it, the annoying part is that you will have to rotate about 1/4 back the trimpot at a time, and will have to mount everything again to test whether or not there was an improvement in the behavior of the console.

Stay tuned! If you rotate the trimpots too much you can burn the laser, then all your work will be lost, and your video game will only work again if you change the player!

If you’ve never disassembled an xbox 360, here’s a list of videos to help you understand how to proceed:

How to open the Xbox 360 slim or mini slim / super slim :

How to open the Xbox 360 FAT (old model):

After disassembling, carefully unplug the optical unit and remove it, then remove the player as shown in the video:

Note that for each optical unit make and model, we have different resistance values that must be respected! Because the liteon brand unit resistance does not apply to an Lg brand drive for example. Be aware of the label of the ” metal box of the unit, in it you check the make and model “, and be aware also the label present in the laser body, in it you find the specific model of the laser, and the identification number of it that differentiates it from the other models.

To measure the strength of the trimpot with the multimeter place the probes against the terminals welded on the small plate:


Resistance of the trimpots of each particular reader:


Tip: READERS HOP 14XX – 141X – 1401 – Suitable for FAT console with LiteON or Benq drive.
HOP 15XX – 5XXR – 151X – 150X – Serve so far on ALL SLIM console drives.

The numerical values of the images are equivalent to kohms, so it is necessary to select the aquequada scale on your multimeter.


Another tip: On some newer 141X units the resistance value is around 1kohm, so just increment to 1.3kohm or a little more and the reading will be perfect.

If you don’t have a multimeter and want to try to adjust anyway, remember that it’s too risky, and that the damage to the reader is irreversible.  Remember to rotate the trimpots counterclockwise, and never give more than 1/4 turn at a time.  To make your life easier, take a picture of the starting position or tag it, so you can try twisting clockwise and counterclockwise to take tests.


There is yet another resource that in some cases has proved effective as well!  The adjustment of the reader’s table, note that in the mechanical part of the reader there are rails through which the laser moves, at each end of these rails there are screws that allow an adjustment and alignment of the table, if you want to try also adjust the distance of the laser from the face of the disc, so just tighten the screws clockwise, more careful!  never tighten more than 1/3 turn, and make sure to tighten all screws in the same proportion.

Well, we hope we helped in some way! if you have any questions, or if you want to leave your thanks, comment or suggestion use the comments form below!

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