Unlock Ktag Clone Blocked by internet – Unlock Ktag – Unbrick Ktag

In this article I bring you a mini tutorial on how to unlock the ktag automotive programming interface that was blocked by an unsuccessful update after an internet connection. Usually the symptoms are as follows: Ksuite screen with grayed-out protocols – you can’t click anything, When trying to verify information about the interface it does …


ECU Engine Crank Wheel Simulator – Automotive Signal Injector FREE Download scheme – Build your own!

Injetor de sinal de Rotação - Para simulador de Centrais Automotivas

In today’s article, I bring you a very nice project for those who want to set up their own automotive plant simulator, or rotation signal injector, you can use the project to assemble your first plant simulator, or rotation signal injector or phonic sensor simulator / Sensor Hall, and thus be able to simulate ECU …


Automotive Electrical Schematic’s Download

In today’s article I bring you, an excellent package of automotive electrical diagrams, containing diagrams of hundreds of domestic and imported vehicles, and also repair tips, toothed belt diagrams, engine diagrams, torque tables and head tightening, grip of connecting rods and bearings and another “penca” of good things! Electrical schematics of immobilizers, Diesel electrical schemes, …


Homemade Oscilloscope: Assemble yours!

  In today’s article I will bring you a hint of assembly of a simple equipment that already circulates for a long time on the internet and that is very useful to professionals working with automotive repair, Electricians, Auto electricians, electronics repairs, stereos, TVs, smartphones, electrical equipment, appliances and more! For the oscilloscope to work …


Reset Printers EPSON and CANON

Printers are really amazing tools, are present in our daily lives and we need them for everything, The problem is when you really need to use a printer and it presents malfunctions. In today’s article I will write a little about some common problems in EPSON and CANON printers that use Rechargeable Ink Tanks or …


Turn off Eco Peugeot and Citroen Mode

French vehicles like Peugeot, Citroen and DS are haunted by faults and electrical breakdowns that leave their hair owners standing. One of the most controversial is the failure in which the vehicle’s computers trigger an energy-saving strategy called ” ECO Mode ” or ” Economy Mode “, and for various reasons can no longer get …


Unlock Google Account frp Moto G 1 2 3 4 5 Z X X2 Recent Patch 2017 , Samgung J3 J5 J7 + Download Unlock app.

Solução para: Este dispositivo foi redefinido, para continuar, faça login com uma conta do google que tenha sido previamente sincronizada neste dispositivo.

Formatted your motorola and when restarting came across a message that it will be necessary to enter the old google account?  Forgot your Google account?  Your device no longer accepts your Google account? Today’s article was made especially for you! Update: 10/17/2019 – See how to unlock motorola devices by clicking here! Download the app …


Make your Free Market Ads much more attractive with templates for free!

 Looking for Free Market Templates? We make available for download, at no cost ninety-five templates of html templates, fully editable and customizable intended for you who is a free market user. We realize that templates really work miracles about increasing the number of sales, and please the eyes of visitors! A collaborator, made available a copy …


Your car engine doesn’t start?

Learn how to diagnose the possible cause: In today’s article we will address an inconvenient fact that happens to virtually all car owners not only from Brazil more also worldwide, so Attention! Whether your car is new or used if it hasn’t happened to you yet, be absolutely sure it’s still going to happen to …


Automatic and automated transmission learn how to differentiate them:


Hello visitors!  In today’s post I will try to explain as clearly as possible the difference between automatic and automated transmission. What many smart sellers from dealerships and agencies say is the same thing (which is not true) just to try to stick a dubious product in the poor uninformed consumer.

Automatic Exchange and Automated Exchange Handle
The drive lever of the two transmission models can even be the same, but make no mistake are totally different gearboxes!

Automatic Transmission:

Internal view of an automatic transmission and its complex planetary system.
Internal view of an automatic transmission and its complex planetary system.

It is a type of transmission that is totally different from the manual exchange system that works with gears of different sizes and engaged individually, in the automatic transmission the planetary gear system is used, they have different sizes, but all of them are always engaged to each other, the ratio of force is given according to the internal pressure of the oil and the order that these gears are connected.  This system is known to be robust and reliable, in addition to providing a smooth gear shift virtually imperceptible. Its old design dates back to 1938 and has been improved and improved for decades. Learn more here.

Automated Exchange:

Automated exchange robot. this ai is the mechanism that gets screwed into the gearbox, and that replaces the manual hustler.
Automated exchange robot. this ai is the mechanism that gets screwed into the gearbox, and that replaces the manual hustler.

Internally it is basically a normal manual gearbox like any other, only operated by a robot that in turn is commanded by a computer that controls beyond gear shifts also the clutch drive or clutch assembly at the correct time, thus making gear changes fully automatic. It is a newer technology and still has much to mature in terms of durability, because mechanical failures happen much more often than in the real automatic model. -ERR:REF-NOT-FOUND-Learn more here.

In short, it is very important to pay close attention before purchasing a new or semi new car with automatic transmission because there are many vendors and agencies out there that sell the two thinking they are the same. Only what do not explain is that the automated exchange suffers premature wear sometimes even by design failures, and do not last a satisfactory time presenting with time, failures and defects whose solutions can come out for a price well beyond salty.

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