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We make available for download, at no cost ninety-five templates of html templates, fully editable and customizable intended for you who is a free market user. We realize that templates really work miracles about increasing the number of sales, and please the eyes of visitors! A collaborator, made available a copy of several templates already with hosting ie: Ready to be pasted in your free market ads. (I want to make it clear that I'm not responsible for problems or technical support of templates). I will also reinforce that the hosting service is usually paid, and that our employee has made the service available indefinitely, and also gives no guarantee that the ads (templates) will work forever. If you want full warranty, and support look for a seller of templates in the free market.

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The password to unpack the template package with included hosting is " umgenio " without the quotation marks. We separate each of them by their colors. The file is compressed in RAR format will need the Win-RAR decompressor to gain access to the content!

We are also making available:

The original templates complete with images, if you want to host your ads yourself, and also a template generator software.

Note: If you do not understand anything about hosting, editing, customization of templates, Do not be ashamed, use the comments form to ask for help and or contact us!

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Template pack update: 04/03/2018

  • Added new template generators 2016 and 2017
  • Added new template library.
  • Added template generator version March 2018

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