GM SW and FlashGM : P/ Recover GM immobilizer password – and do Reset

Repair number Chassis GM2 Opel2R – Reset immobilizer – Repgrogramation and telecharging via OBD P / Central Micro Hybrid.

Hello readers and users of the site, in today’s article I will share with you an indispensable software to every automotive repairman and technical professional who performs repair on plant and vehicle modules: The GM Sw Tool – or FlashGM.

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Until recently little was known about the programming of hybrid or micro hybrid plants used in the automotive industry.  It was a technology applied in Brazil mainly in vehicles of the brands Fiat and Chevrolet.  But they could also be seen in other automakers such as Peugeot, Citroen and Renault.  Hybrid plants are considered disposable in case of physical hardware problems because they do not have a printed circuit board like other vehicles’ modules.

Central micro hybrid repair
Example of an open micro hybrid plant.

As can be seen in the image only what can be seen are microscopic components without protective encapsulation wrapped in an industrial gel, and only one or the other smd component without identification.  Virtually impossible to repair, because the change of components is not possible.

remap remapping of plants and repair of plant immo off
Example of ECU / Common Central, with accessible components and welded on the board which allows repair.

Finally hybrid centers are something that give even work, even in question of reprogramming because there is little material available about them, and in the case of a possible change of the plant because of a physical malfunction you will need to reset it to program the immobilizer or the vehicle will not come into operation.

That is the sw gm or FlashGM because with this tool pack you can reset and reprogram the immobilizer of micro hybrid power plants, besides being able to rewrite the number of chassis in the memory of the ECU and also download the internal software from them.

To be able to use sw gm you will need:

  • A computer running Windows Xp or higher,
  • An EOBD Interface Communication Cable (You can make your own see here).
  • The Galletto 1260 data transmission cable is also compatible with the GM SW/FlashGM tool and can be used.

Click here to learn how to create your own FlashGM interface.

With the FlashGM – GM SW tool you will be able to reset, edit the chassis, and pull the immobilizer password from the vehicle plants:

  • Astra
  • Vectra
  • Meriva
  • Zafira
  • Corsa
  • Classic
  • Montana
  • Celtic
  • Set up GM2 or Opel2R Immobilizer
  • And reset the Vectra and Astra auto-adaptive parameters

The tool interface is simple and easy to understand.

Reset and reprogramming of micro hybrid plants Gm fiat and more Download.
Reset and reprogramming of micro hybrid plants Gm fiat and more Download.

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