Download IMMO OFF Database + virgin + Reset Database For ECU

A common defect in modern vehicles is the failure of the coded key or immobilizer, and in some cases in case of loss of the coded key of the vehicle or malfunction of the same the professional who is a keychain or automotive repairman can not enable a new key coded to the vehicle, by some malfunction or in a control module or electronic component that make up the system and is not sold or manufactured in Brazil , or is not available for sale in the parallel market which can make the making of a new coded key a major disorder.

immo off reset decode files free database download here. immo off database huge database download
Decode: Allows you to disable the immobilizer in case of defects in the embedded electronics system.

However, there is still an experança, because in some vehicles it is possible to reprogram the engine control unit to “Central” or “UCE”, and disable the function of immobilizer or coded key and thus make the vehicle return to operation normally without the need for a key with electronic code or without the chip / transponder.

For you who are professional, we have gathered here a small database with files for reset and decode of central, immo off vehicles of various brands and models, manufactured in Brazil and abroad.

To download the RESET DECODE and IMMO OFF files click on the download link provided below:

Click here to Download/Download

In the database we are making available here you will find reset and decode for the following centers:

    • IAW 4AF;
    • IAW 1G7;
    • IAW 4GV;
    • IAW 1AVP;
    • IAW 7GF;
    • IAW 1AP;
    • IAW 8P;
    • IAW 16F;
    • IAW 4GV or IAW 4BV;
    • IAW 49F and IAW 59F;
    • 5NF IAW;
    • IAW MJD 8DF;
  • Bosch:
    • ME 7.5.30 , ME 7.5.20, ME 7.5.10;
    • ME 17.5.24;
    • ECD17 , EDC15, EDC16;
    • MOTRONIC 3.8;
    • ME 1.5.3 and 1.5.5;
    • ME 7.5.H4;
    • MP 9.0;
  • Delco:
    • MULTEC H;
    • FR4 MULTEC;
    • MULTEC, New YEAR;

Did you like the article? We hope that the files will be useful to you who is enthusiastic or professional in the area of automotive repair! As for the password to unpack: it is in the file name, just read carefully after downloading it.

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