Find out the password of Wifi Networks : Chapter II

And here we go again, I came back to share with you who are users of the site a new method of testing security of wireless networks, and discovery of the password using WPS protocol. 01/05/2019

Previously…  “More ai you ask more what is WPS?  I’ll answer you!  WPS is a feature that see “embedded” in most routers and WIFI access points, both old models, and the most current that in theory would serve to facilitate the login on wireless networks, with the use of only one button that is pressed generates a password easily and quickly. Most people hardly use this feature or simply don’t know it, and the wps feature gets turned on “atoa” on the router”.

This is a chapter of the first article I wrote on the subject and was a success a few years ago, I recommend you check there by clicking here.

In today’s tutorial I will share with you two extremely powerful tool packages that can not miss a good wireless network analyst, to ensure that your networks are really secure.

The operating systems that can be used are Windows 7 or higher and Linux to use scripts and programs.  (In the case of linux I will share an iso of an operating system dedicated to testing the security efficiency of wireless networks).

Stop talking and let’s get down to business!

To get the software it is necessary to have a computer with a wireless network adapter.

To download the tool for Windows click on the following link:

Click here For Download – Download



How to use the Windows Tool:

How to discover password of wireless wifi networks Download tools
Just click scan, and choose the network you want to test and then click the pixie dust button.

Once the scan is finished the wps pin will be generated to gain access to the network.  On Windows computers you may need to install an access manager to the WPS protocol, I strongly recommend that you use JumpStart because it is the tool I use on a day-to-day basis that works very well in the tests I do.   I took the liberty of including JumpStart in the download link.

Oh, and before I forget!  the password to Extract the files is always “” without quotes ok?  

For Linux users, there’s a lot of Good Stuff!

There are several suites of professional complete applications that can be used to test the security of wireless networks, but in today’s article I will leave my recommendation to WifiSlax, for being compact and require few computer resources, so you can run on that old notebook in a good one that works very well!

Discover password of Wifi networks - Wifi Slax: an operating system dedicated to the security test of wireless networks.
Wifi Slax: an operating system dedicated to the security test of Wifi networks.

There are also other advanced operating systems such as Kali linux. Its use is quite suitable for professionals who are accustomed to programs without GUI, ie 100% command prompt.

To download Wifi Slax go to the link:

Click here to Download – Download

On Mobiles – Smartphones with Android:

Hack Wifi Password
Here’s how to find out the password of wireless networks on your android!

For smartphones with operating system there are also several options, but we tested one in specific that highlighted very well. The application is called WPS WPA Tester. The interface is simple and intuitive and it has a fairly large database of well-known pins.

You can download the Android app by clicking here:

Download Wps Wpa Tester – Playstore

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