Truck ECU Fix Repair: Full Guide – Manual Handout

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Apostille Diesel Power Plant Repair Course.

Hello Visitors, in today’s article I bring you a repair course of diesel electronic injection plants with tips, procedures and routines of repair of truck, heavy machinery and bus plants.

Similar to otto cycle engine management command units, the command units that equip diesel engines have specific characteristics such as robust sensor output and actuators, and piezo electric injector nozzles.

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In the full course you will be able to know the principles of electronics applied in ecu engine management command units, some of the topics covered in the course are:

  • Introduction to diesel electronic injection and Common Rail systems,
  • Fundamentals of electronics/mechatronics,
  • Electric Quantities,
  • Use of the multimeter and Notions of the Law of ohm,
  •  Learn how to handle Oscilloscope:
  • Offset, Time base, Voltage scale, Trigger.
  • Notions about reading resistors, and capacitance,
  • Notions about VDR circuit operation and voltage varistors,
  • Crystal oscillator and coils.
  • Operation of Darlington and Mosfet transistors used in heavy automotive line,
  • Regular voltage, H bridge components, and SMD and PTH welding,
  • Memory operation, ROM, FLASH, RAM,
  • Interpretation of component mascara,
  • Operation strategy of UCE Motor Management Plants,
  • Internal architecture and study of the mapping of the plants,
  • Symbologies and Electrical Diagrams,
  • Checksum, programming and editing of hexadecimal files,
  • Use of ktag programmer,
  • Diagram and overview of plants that equip bus trucks and machinery,
  • Ford
  • Scania
  • Volvo
  • VW MAN
  • Cummins
  • International
  • Mercedez Benz, and PLD

If you are a professional or are now starting in the area of plant repair, we strongly recommend this course to deepen your knowledge, and also for future consultations because the course contains electrical diagrams and diagrams of various bus injection modules, trucks and heavy machinery.

All system files are password protected, to extract use the password that is in the file name itself or “” without quotation marks.

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