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In today’s article I bring, a complete course for you who wants to learn how to work with automotive air conditioning, light and heavy line.

Air conditioning is a virtually mandatory equipment in passenger cars and vehicles used for work in Brazil, because the weather, as we all know is very hot in the capitals and staying inside an autmobile, truck or bus all day becomes complicated task with the scorching heat.

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Automotive air conditioning equipment differs from residential equipment by the main point that residential equipment uses the power of electric current to boost a gas compressor; while automotive air conditioning harnesses the engine’s own strength through a belt connected to the main motor pulley to boost the refrigerant gas compressor.

In the rest, automotive air conditioning has its construction very similar to residential air conditioning.

The main components that constitute an automotive air conditioning system are:

  • Refrigerant Gas Compressor,
  • Expansion Valve,
  • Evaporator – or Evaporator Box,
  • Filter Dryer,
  • Condenser
  • Electro-fan or Fan,
  • External Temperature Sensors, And Solar Radiation Sensors,
  • And UCE Control module,
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Components of the Automotive Air Conditioning System.

The most common defects of the automotive air conditioning system are Refrigerant Gas leaks, or Compressor malfunction due to wear or poor lubrication that are mainly caused by lack of maintenance, clogging of the filter dryer or dryer.

There are maintenance routines that can prevent failures caused by wear, and that can be easily performed, such as changing the filter dryer, changing the oil of the air conditioning system, maintenance, changing system compressor seals, changing bearings, and changing trims and sealing, as well as changing the belt that drives the compressor, changing the cabin filter , cleaning of the vent and also of the duct that is responsible for draining the water resulting from the condensation phenomenon.

It is also important to evaluate the operation of the condenser fan, as to the excessive consumption of current, electrical, noise and operation of the low and high speeds of the electro-fan.

Automotive Conditioned Air Recycling Machine
Automotive Air Conditioning Recycling Machine

A common defect that can cause the compressor to break down and consequently, is the incorrect application of the gas load, incorrect weight or excess oil. and even the malfunction of the fan, which can cause at an excessively high pressure in the high pressure line, forcing the compressor and breaking it.

The amount of gas, and oil of each vehicle and assembler should be added as recommended by each manufacturer, There are specific tables for this.

You can check out some tables of Applied Quantity, in automotive air conditioning systems in the link below:

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