How to turn your website into android app!

Turn website or blog into android app, download the programs here.
Turn Website or Blog into android app in an easy way.

In today’s article, I will teach you how to convert any website, blog, forum or page into Android app in a free and simple way without scrolling!


  • Website with Responsive Design;
  • Computer with Windows Operating System.

But what carambolas is Responsive Design?

A Responsive web page, is one that can adapt or fit in a way that is well viewed on any screen / device, be it a Mobile / Smartphone or the screen of a Computer or Tablet, even on a giant screen!

To make your site responsive, or to create a responsive website, I recommend that you use a CMS platform like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal for your site.  And then install a responsive theme of your choice. Download – Website2Apk Builder 3.4.0 Pro click to download.

  • Some responsive themes for Free WordPress can be found here:
  • Click here to see the list of responsive themes for WordPress.

How do I know if my site has a responsive theme?

To verify that your site has a responsive theme, you can use the online tool below:

(Responsive Design Check Tool Online)  Click on the link to access the tool, enter the address of the site you want to test to know if it is responsive, and then click GO!  In the following window select the device in the selection bar that exists to the left of your screen, with Computer, a Tablet, and a Smartphone.  If your site displays correctly and adapts without getting text or image cut off then your site is responsive.

To turn a website into an application, you will also need software that is responsible for converting the files.

Click here to Download – Download


Get to work!

The first step is to install the software on your computer by following the instructions contained in the file I left available on the download link.

After installing the program correctly on your computer, the next step will be to open it and start exploring its user interface.

How to Convert Website into Android App: When opening the program interface follow the instructions to convert your site into an android app.

  • Check the Web URL option to point the app to your site’s address;
  • If you want to build an application with offline html pages you can use the Local Html Website option;
  • In the Application Title field, put the name of your site or App;
  • In Package Name, it is important that you put the reference to your site backwards;
  • Put with.nomedoseusite.nomedoseuapp;
  • In Version Name, type the version number to identify (default is 1.0);
  • Version Code is the code that the Play Store uses to identify your App;
  • App Orientation let in Auto Rotate to rotate automatically;
  • Use the Change Icon button to place a custom icon on your site (in transparent png);
  • Output Directory is where the App will be saved when you finish it;
  • Customize App Permissions is for you to enable or disable App permissions within the Android System;

Turn website into app for Android Download program here.

  • In App Startup Page select the appropriate option for the Web Page of your site: index.html or index.htm if you do not know the correct test, enter your browser, enter the name of your site followed by barra/index.html or /index.htm whatever works you select in the App;
  • Cache Mode leave in default;
  • About Dialog Text: Enter the message about your App – who compiled it or the credits;
  • Exite Mode app let double press back selected;
  • In Custom Error Page you have the option to insert a custom error page;
  • In Splash Screen you can insert an image that will appear while the App loads;
  • URL: Select http:// or https:// what’s right for your site, and enter the correct address of your site on the page.
  • Adm0b Monetization is for you to enter monetization data with ads.
  • Push Notifications is for you to enable App notifications.

  • To finish building your application just click on GENERATE APK and wait a few moments for the program to compile the data and sign with digital certificate.

Ready!  You already have the app from your site, now just add in the Google app store and be happy!

Update 12/06/2019:  Updated version of the application for 3 . 4 . 0 2019

In this update there is now support for the new APi required by google play store: API 28

Password to unpack the file: 1234

Did you like the article?  Do you have any questions?  Suggestions?  Please use the comments field below!

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