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How to Reset The Airbag - Airbag Light On - Reset Electric Steering UP GOL FOX POLO Dowload - Reset Airbag Collision Download - Turn off airbag light on -Airbag light on and steering light on after collision.
Airbag light on and steering light on after collision. The right light of the electric direction on also, indicating malfunction in the electrical direction. VW UP panel.


Airbag is an equipment that has saved and saves many lives in car accidents, and its operation is simple: When the car suffers a strong impact, or hit with a deceleration greater than 20 km/h in a short space, a sensor that usually sits inside the computerized control unit of the Airbag sends electrical signals to inflatable bags that are located in strategic locations of the vehicle so that they are fired and consequently inflated in a fraction of a second.    Even if the collision is weak and the overall structure of the vehicle is not affected, in some cases the firing of airbag bags may represent the total loss of a vehicle because the price of the repair kit can often be more than 40% of the total value of a used luxury vehicle.

How to Reset the Airbag Burst after collision. Download Reset of the electric steering UP FOX POLO VW GOLF, Download Reset airbag amarok here.
Airbag Burst after collision. Click here to learn how to reset your car’s airbag light and have the Airbags running again. Reset also of the electric steering Vw Fox Polo Up !

The Airbag today in is an indispensable safety device in modern motor vehicles, and this is fact.  but with the arrival of technology also arose technical and logistical problems such as: The lack of components to sell in the spare parts market, and even the astronomical prices of airbag kits for repair.

It is often even possible to find new Airbag bags for sale, as well as seat belt tensioners and electric harnesses, as well as the steering wheel strap.  The biggest problem of all is that in many cases it is not possible to find the sale the airbag control unit that once fired goes into “self-deuse” mode.

“Self-destruct” mode works as follows:

After the vehicle collides in an accident, in milliseconds the Airbag unit assumes that it can no longer be used and is permanently locked. (at least in theory).  in addition, it still sends a signal to the electrical steering system for the blocking of the electric steering and “self-deuse”.

Common in the line VW Fox Up Golf Gol Voyage Virtus Polo: The lock and self-deuse of the Airbag , combined with the electric steering system making it inoperative. (The steering light is on and the steering is hard without assistance).

And even if all the vehicle components are changed, the airbag light is still on, and it is inoperable in the event of another collision.  In other words, it doesn’t work anymore.

However, there is still a solution to the problem:

Reset and Reprogramming of airbag and electric steering. Download Reset Electric Steering UP POLO FOX , Download Reset Airbag Free.
Reset and Reprogramming of airbag and electric steering. How to repair or repair the ECU module of the car and truck airbag, Hilux, Frontier , Amarok , Toro

The Airbag and Power Steering control unit can be reprogrammed and can be reused again without risking the safety of vehicle occupants.  Which can save you good money because in some cases a new Airbag control unit does not leave for less than 2,500 reais and a new electric steering unit can reach 4,000 reais.   In addition to that buying used control units can be a bore because, in modern vehicles the vehicle’s control units are “married” to each other and have their chassis number engraved in their memory, i.e. trying to use a used control unit without first being reprogrammed can generate communication problems between the vehicle’s electronic modules and even not work.

The reprogramming is done by reading the internal memories that these components have, and the procedure is fast and can be completed in minutes.

I will make available in the link below some airbag reset tools for professional use for free and also reset files of the electric steering of UP, Fox, Golf, Virtus, Polo:

Click here to Download/Download

To reset the Airbag and Electric Steering units you will need an EEPROM programmer and MCU processors, I recommend the UPA 1.3 programmer for being a cheap equipment, easy to use and find the sale, besides having function to read EEPROM and MCU processors what many professional programmers do not.

Important note: The files are compressed and password protected, the password to unpack them is present in the file name just read carefully.

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